Proj Moana Surfridder 04

Moana Surfrider Hotel – Beach House Restaurant

Lobby, Banyan Wing, Beach House Restaurant & Kitchen Renovation Renovation of the lobby, Banyan Wing guestrooms and corridors, restaurant and kitchen was completed while the hotel remained in operation. The lobby renovation was phased so the new front desk area was completed and ready for use prior to demolition of the old front desk. The existing wood floors were repaired, sanded and refinished. Scope of work in the guestrooms included new flooring, paint, wood moldings to match existing, new soffits and lighting. The guestroom bathrooms were gutted and all plumbing fixtures and bath accessories were replaced. The guestroom corridors were refinished with new flooring, paint and wood paneling. Project scope included the complete renovation of the kitchen with installation of a new grease interceptor. The Grand Salon was also renovated for use as a dining area.